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Meridian Hill Park: or Where’s the Statue to Mrs. Henderson?

I have a real soft spot for 16th Street NW. Drive up from the White House to the Maryland border, and you’ll see every kind of American architectural grandeur you ever dreamed of: fancy hotels; Deco and other modern condos carved … Continue reading

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Vive La Liberte


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A Fine and Public Place: Congressional Cemetery

For a person who loves a good boneyard as much as I do, it took a surprising amount of time for me to learn about, let alone visit, Congressional Cemetery. The site had to be grafted onto Pierre L’Enfant’s city plan … Continue reading

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Parades End: The Bonus Army March on Washington

Veteran’s Day in Washington, DC is always a big deal, but this year we had a massive concert sponsored by three emblems of American exceptionalism: a premium cable network, a coffee conglomerate, and a bank too big to fail. The preparations … Continue reading

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DC Votes to Keep Pot Smokers Out of Prison

Tuesday’s election results were no big surprise to those of us who have a memory longer than four years. I am a Democrat by inclination, which is not to say I am inclined toward those Democrats who ran this time … Continue reading

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Why can’t we trade Election Day for Columbus Day? My grandmother would have been 102 in about a week. She was born in a world that didn’t think she (or her sisters, cousins, aunt, or mother) had the sense to … Continue reading

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The District of Columbia War Memorial

When I first moved here twenty years ago I spent a lot of time getting lost. Because the original plan of the city was inspired by Baroque, Old World-style Grand Avenues radiating from rectangles spread over asymmetrical quadrants, it is … Continue reading

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Tread on Me Already

In the garage under my office building, I often park near one of those late model, SUV-like Cadillacs. It’s red and shiny and sports a set of Gadsden flag Virginia vanity plates, whose text conveys the driver’s desire to pay less tax. And because we … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About the Federal Triangle

Every day on my way to work, I drive down Constitution Avenue along the entire southern border of the Federal Triangle. The whole shebang: from the Department of Commerce to the Federal Trade Commission. That’s 11 buildings of varying sizes … Continue reading

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