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Beth is a writer and editor who has lived in the DC Metro area for more than twenty years. If you want to read some movie stuff, visit

Announcing the 2016 Government Cheese Program

A Year-Long Celebration of Classic Films About Washington, D.C.  In honor of the upcoming, ongoing, mind-numbing 2016 Presidential Election, I hereby declare the next 12 months The Year of Government Cheese. Accordingly, I will feature a classic movie set in … Continue reading

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Meridian Hill Park: or Where’s the Statue to Mrs. Henderson?

I have a real soft spot for 16th Street NW. Drive up from the White House to the Maryland border, and you’ll see every kind of American architectural grandeur you ever dreamed of: fancy hotels; Deco and other modern condos carved … Continue reading

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Vive La Liberte


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A Fine and Public Place: Congressional Cemetery

For a person who loves a good boneyard as much as I do, it took a surprising amount of time for me to learn about, let alone visit, Congressional Cemetery. The site had to be grafted onto Pierre L’Enfant’s city plan … Continue reading

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Parades End: The Bonus Army March on Washington

Veteran’s Day in Washington, DC is always a big deal, but this year we had a massive concert sponsored by three emblems of American exceptionalism: a premium cable network, a coffee conglomerate, and a bank too big to fail. The preparations … Continue reading

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DC Votes to Keep Pot Smokers Out of Prison

Tuesday’s election results were no big surprise to those of us who have a memory longer than four years. I am a Democrat by inclination, which is not to say I am inclined toward those Democrats who ran this time … Continue reading

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Why can’t we trade Election Day for Columbus Day? My grandmother would have been 102 in about a week. She was born in a world that didn’t think she (or her sisters, cousins, aunt, or mother) had the sense to … Continue reading

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The District of Columbia War Memorial

When I first moved her twenty years ago I spent a lot of time getting lost. Because the original plan of the city was inspired by Baroque, Old World-style Grand Avenues radiating from rectangles spread over asymmetrical quadrants, it is … Continue reading

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Tread on Me Already

In the garage under my office building, I often park near one of those late model, SUV-like Cadillacs. It’s red and shiny and sports a set of Gadsden flag Virginia vanity plates, whose text conveys the driver’s desire to pay less tax. And because we … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About the Federal Triangle

Every day on my way to work, I drive down Constitution Avenue along the entire southern border of the Federal Triangle. The whole shebang: from the Department of Commerce to the Federal Trade Commission. That’s 11 buildings of varying sizes … Continue reading

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